Caregivers with Extensive Patient Care Experience

Grace Hospice is staffed by highly qualified, compassionate professionals such as a double-boarded Medical Director, a Director of Nursing with extensive patient care experience, and a staff dedicated to providing excellent care for patients and their families.

Grace Hospice Inc

Hospice Care Services

Our services include:


We have designed our comprehensive service plans to take care of your medications for symptom control and pain relief at home.

Supplies and Medical Equipment

If patients require any medical supplies and equipment, we can provide them based on their health conditions.

We provide:

  • Oxygen
  • Medical supplies
  • Other assistive devices
  • Durable medical equipment

Therapy Services

Terminally ill patients need a regular therapy session to maintain their stability. Whenever needed, we can provide:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

Volunteer Services and Support

Hospice care depends on the incredible commitment of volunteers, and they are major contributors to a patient’s welfare. We train our volunteers to assist the patients to cope with their health conditions, and they are knowledgeable in giving emotional and physical support.

Licensed Medical-Social Workers

Our licensed medical-social workers provide counseling and assist patients in matters related to personal finance, among others.

Respite Care

We offer respite services to hospice patients while your regular caregiver takes rest.

Our Team


Hospice patients’ primary physicians will remain as attending physicians. Our experienced Medical Director certifies prognosis, provides home visits as needed, and leads the patient care team.


Our non-denominational clergies provide a care plan and teach the family how to take care of their loved ones during this phase and communicate with them.

Registered Nurses (RN)

RN’s play a key role, they do initial and follow-up visits, coordinate care plans and teach their family how to take care of patients properly and use medication.

Social Workers

Our licensed social workers provide support and counseling in dealing with issues related to the end stages of life.

Certified Home Health Aides

Our certified home health aides provide hands-on patient care.

Licensed Therapists

Our team of licensed therapists includes physical, occupational, speech, respiratory therapists, and dieticians who provide quality care for hospice patients.